Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security

June 21-22 2007

International conference in cooperation with the ACM

and Oslo University College, Norway

Making systems work together across real and virtual domains, large and small...

The management of infrastructure in complex systems is a challenge that spans a multitude of disciplines. The move towards a future of pervasive computing invites new ideas and novel mechanisms, not just for technology, but also for management: as networks grow, large but distributed computer systems are ever more apparent, not in monolithic form but as societies of systems, cooperating towards common goals.

How shall we understand such networks and systems? Are they manageable? Are they reliable and controllable? Are they `secure'? These are complex questions that inspire multi-disciplinary responses, and these disciplines are brought together in AIMS 2007. Whether your application is self-managing autonomic mobile systems, sensor nets, tele-medicine, online web services or perhaps you are designing the next paradigm for peer to peer and ad hoc network commerce, join us in a discussion of the leading ideas in the field and meet the next generation of thinker in our PhD student symposium. Or perhaps you simply want to learn more about some of the cutting-edge management topics in our short tutorials which are included in the registration?

Sponsored by the EC IST-EMANICS Network of Excellence (#26854)