7th International Conference on

Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security

(AIMS 2013)

June 25-28, 2013, UPC Barcelona, Spain


Management and Monitoring Challenges in Content-Centric Networking

Abstract. The current Internet paradigm and its core technologies have been designed to support connections between endpoints (hosts). It is widely deployed and IP management tools are largely used by network operators. Yet, nowadays user needs are not host-centric; users care about accessing content. Recent research activities for the Future Internet point to information-centric networking (ICN), centered on the production, consumption and transformation of information matching user interest, moving away from the current endpoint-oriented approach. Several ICN solutions are proposed and amongst them, Content-Centric Networking (CCN) is one of the most promising ones. However CCN networks will not be deployed by a network operator if no management solution is available. Having an efficient management system is a strong requirement to rapidly react to problems in the network. Furthermore, a network operator needs to be aware of the traffic transiting in its network and thus be able to monitor, classify and qualify it. Research on ICN started 5-6 years ago but there is not yet any significant effort on the management of such networks. It just started few months ago and a first proposal was presented in the 86th IRTF ICNRG meeting, in March 2013. Since it is a critical issue, this talk will focus on it, with a network operator point of view. This talk will introduce the ICN paradigm, with a focus on the CCN solution. Then requirements and challenges for managing and monitoring the CCN network will be presented.

Speaker: Bertrand Mathieu joined France Telecom, Orange Labs in 1994. He received a Diploma of Engineering in Toulon, the MsC degree from the University of Marseille and the PhD degree from the University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris. Until 1999, he had worked on network management including interfaces, protocols and platforms. Since 1999, he is working on distributed computing, programmable networks and he is currently focusing its research activity on dynamic overlay networks, P2P networks and Information-Centric Networking. Better delivery of contents via content-aware networking and content adaptation are subjects he is interested in and he is also studying how overlay networks and physical networks can efficiently collaborate. Management, monitoring and use-cases for Information-Centric Networking are also domains he is investigating. He contributed to several national and European projects (Safari, FAIN, Ambient Networks, OneLab, P2Pim@ges, Connect, Envision). He published more than 50 papers in international conferences, journals or books. He is member of several conferences Technical Program Committee, a research senior expert in Orange Labs and an IEEE and SEE senior member.