9th International Conference on

Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security

(AIMS 2015)

June 22-25, 2015, University of Ghent, Belgium

Social Event: Visit to the Gravensteen

Date: Wednesday June 24 2015, 16:30 - 18:00

Visit to the Gravensteen. The Gravensteen is a historical castle in the city center of Ghent, originating from the Middle Ages. The name means "castle of the counts" in Dutch.

The castle is situated only 650m away from the conference venue. We will leave the conference venue at 16:15 and gather at the castle at 16:30.

After the visit, dinner will be served in Allegro Moderato, Korenlei 7, 9000 Gent.

©Historische Huizen Gent
©Historische Huizen Gent
©Historische Huizen Gent