10th International Conference on

Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security

(AIMS 2016)

June 20-23, 2016, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany

Download a PDF-version of the Call for Participation

Call for Participation

The AIMS international conference is a single-track event, including conference paper sessions, hands-ons and keynotes. The focus of AIMS is on early research done by Ph.D. students and young researchers in network and service management and security. The participants find here a dedicated place for getting a constructive feedback by senior scientists and they benefit from tutorials on transversal aspects of a research activity (e.g., publication strategies, paper reviewing, research presentation design). By taking part in a dedicated workshop, the Ph.D. students are invited at an early stage to present and motivate their work as well as their research plans. Finally, by being involved in practical hands-on sessions, Ph.D. students and young researchers will get an up-to-date knowledge combined with basic skills on emerging technologies. This way, AIMS acts as a complementary piece in the set of international conferences in the network and service management community.

AIMS 2016 is the tenth edition of a conference series on management and security aspects of distributed and autonomous systems. It follows the already established tradition of an unusually vivid and interactive conference series. AIMS 2016 will be centered on the theme of management and security in the age of hyperconnectivity. New paradigms, smart and fully distributed algorithms, as well as large-scale virtualization have to be investigated to design scalable and resilient frameworks able to deal with more complex, more dynamic and hyperconnected environments, from cloud infrastructures to the Internet of Things. The design, monitoring, configuration and protection of the next generation of networked systems in an efficient, secure, and smart manner are crucial to commercially viable and successful networks and services.

Scope and Topics

Courses and Labs

AIMS 2016 features three hands-on lab sessions spread across its four-day program. They provide participants with the opportunity to gain first hand experience with several state-of-the-art network and service management technologies and tools. Each lab session starts with a brief theoretical tutorial-style introduction and is followed by a hands-on part, allowing participants to experiment with the tools through a set of practical exercises.
The first tutorial focused on big data analysis for DNS. The goal of this hands-on was to familiarise the participants with DNS and DNS measurements.
The second and third tutorial presents the tool Tranalyzer2, a lightweight flow generator and packet analyzer designed for practitioneers and researchers.

Keynotes, Conference, and Ph.D. Workshop

AIMS 2016 will feature two exciting keynotes, presenting real-world challenges for Telco Providers and concepts for cyber resilience of complex interdependent infrastructures:
Dr. Bernd Eßer from the Telekom Cyber Defence Center (CDC) will explain the threat landscape and its evolution as seen from a Tier-1 operators’ perspective. He also will discuss strategic and operational options to detect and remediate Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).
Dr. Tobias Kiesling from IABG will introduce the notion of cyber operational resilience and will show how this can be applied to the air transport infrastructure as an example of a complex interdependent system, where the current system is already vulnerable and the advent of more automation and pervasion of standard IT in the wake of future approaches leads to ever more complex and interconnected systems with an increasing attack surface.

Moreover, the two technical sessions will present the latest results in Autonomic and Smart Management, as well as Security Attacks and Defenses. Additionally AIMS 2016 will feature two Ph.D. Student Workshops provided for young researchers, who want to pursue either an academic career or a career in industry. Focus of these workshops are the management of future networks as well as security management.


The AIMS 2016 will be held at Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany from June 20 - 23, 2016.

Download a PDF-version of the CALL FOR PARTICIPATION