12th International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security (AIMS 2018)

June 4 - 5, Munich, Germany

AIMS conference is a single-track event targeted at junior researchers and Ph.D. students in network and service management and security. AIMS 2018 will focus on the theme of network and security management amid the data explosion.

The onset of big data era and ubiquitous computing have had a fundamental impact on network management and security, introducing whole new categories of problems and demanding novel interdisciplinary solutions. Managing the data explosion requires to remove the human factor out of the loop and aim for human-assisted or fully autonomous operations. This concerns all stages of data processing – monitoring, collecting, filtering, refining, and analysis – as well as the decisions and actions which follow.

Recent advances in the areas of machine learning, data-driven networking, stream processing, and big data analytics provide necessary building blocks for next-generation solutions for management of the entire lifetime of data. However, their utilization could raise privacy concerns that have to be addressed properly before the wide-scale adoption of these methods.

Authors are invited to submit original contributions with the following topics or other topics related to the conference scope:

  • Autonomic or intent-based networking
  • Data-driven network management
  • Orchestration of network services
  • High-speed or ubiquitous monitoring
  • Data filtering and refinement
  • Situational awareness
  • Visualization and virtual reality
  • Machine learning for network management and security
  • Proactive and predictive security solutions
  • Network models, formal verification
  • Privacy preservation